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Since 1665, Saint-Gobain has consistently demonstrated its ability to invent products that improve quality of life.

About Us

About Us

Saint-Gobain, the world leader in the habitat and construction markets, designs, manufactures and distributes building materials, providing innovative solutions to meet growing demand in emerging economies.

Since 1665, Saint-Gobain has consistently demonstrated its ability to invent products that improve quality of life.

As one of the top 100 industrial groups in the world, Saint-Gobain continues to deploy its technological know-how, often in partnership with the most prestigious universities and laboratories.

To give an idea of our commitment to innovation, 20% of Saint-Gobain products did not exist five years ago. Saint-Gobain is among the 100 most innovative companies in the world according to the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Thompson Reuters Survey.

Saint-Gobain's global business activities are grouped into four sectors:

Construction Products

Construction products

This includes insulation, gypsum, exterior products, piping and industrial mortars. The complementary nature of these products makes it possible for Saint-Gobain to meet the needs of every part of the construction industry, from the creation of new buildings to the renovation of old.

Innovative Materials

Innovative materials

This encompasses flat glass (manufacturing; transformation and distribution for the building sector; automotive glazing and specialties), as well as high-performance materials such as ceramics, plastics, abrasives and textile solutions, applied in the housing, energy and environmental fields.

Building Distribution

Building distribution

With more than 4 000 outlets, Saint-Gobain is the leading distributor of construction materials in Europe, and excels in the building standards training that we provide to our tradesmen.



As the world's second-ranking producer of glass containers, we manufacture bottles and jars for the food and beverage industry.

In South Africa, Saint-Gobain represents two of the four sectors. The construction products brands operating locally include Gyproc, Isover, PAM and Weber. These provide system solutions incorporating plasterboard and gypsum plasters, glasswool and mineral wool for thermal and acoustic insulation, a variety of foam insulation products, ductile iron and cast iron products, wall, floor and pool finishes, and tile adhesives and grouts.

The innovative materials sector embodies Saint-Gobain's innovation orientated culture. In South Africa it includes the Norton brand.

We believe that our commitment to the region extends beyond the products we provide. To this end, the Technical and Specifications Department of Saint-Gobain South Africa provides specialist expertise and resources to architects and specifying professionals in the industry. It also invests in skills development through the Saint-Gobain Academies in Samrand, Cape Town and Durban. Additional support is provided through a network of logistical service centres throughout the country.

Saint-Gobain prides itself on being a responsible business player that prioritises local investment. We see ourselves as a socio-economic organisation that contributes to local growth, is committed to finding solutions to major environmental challenges, and which eagerly takes on social issues.

This is reflected in the fact that Saint-Gobain was ranked among the Thomson Reuters World's 100 Most Innovative Companies of 2011


Group Companies

  • Ecophon
  • PAM
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